Personal Web Site hosting with Internet Information Services (IIS)

A lot of times working in development, you inherit code and never get the benefit of learning how things are configured and/or setup.  You just follow the patterns that are already presented within the code base.  But a while back, I worked with a developer who taught me the value of taking the time to learn to configure things on my own.  You learn so much more when you understand how things work from scratch. Even though there are many cheap hosting sites out there, I still have some test web site projects that I setup on my own personal web server.  To get started, you just need to register a new domain name with a registration service like namecheap and have a computer with IIS installed to use as your server. Configuring A record After registering your domain with your DNS provider, create an A record that resolves to your public IP address.  You can find out what your public IP address is whats my ip Example configuration with namecheap Port Forwarding Depending on … [Read more...]

ASP.NET WebForms vs MVC

ASP.NET Web Forms and MVC both have their pros and cons.  Below I have them outlined. ASP.NET Web Forms Web Forms is a visual approach for web development using a drag-n-drop,  event-driven model. Advantages Rapid Application Development (RAD) Feature-rich server controls Data binding Higher level of abstraction over a stateless web.  Simulates statefulness with support for ViewState. Smaller learning curve for WinForm developers Disadvantages Undefined Application Architecture with lack of Separation of Concerns (SoC) Limited control over HTML Complicated page life cycle with performance issues Hard to keep up with fast evolving web platforms without expensive 3rd party control updates or waiting on Microsoft updates Not a good technology for designers who like working with HTML directly Limited support for testing ASP.NET MVC MVC is a framework for building web applications using the Model-View-Controller architectural pattern.  This … [Read more...]