How to reduce your Comcast bill

Being in the technology field, I tend to want to have the latest and greatest of what’s available.  For example, I have to have a high speed internet connection, latest cell phone with unlimited data plan, satellite TV with a great picture and lots of channels, etc.  All these bills add up and I knew I had to start cost-cutting somewhere.

Eliminate your Home Phone bill

When I came across this article, I was hooked on trying to reduce my Comcast bill.  It started with getting rid of Comcast Triple Play containing VOIP.

How to switch to VOIP and ditch your home phone bill forever

Since I have a high speed internet connection with Comcast, this was a no-brainer.  It’s a little bit of a pain to get setup.   But I have not had any issues with it and it’s been almost 2 years since first implemented.

I also installed google voice on my cell phone.  It’s really nice being able to get voice messages anywhere I am.  I can also redirect my house calls to my cell if I want.  Love it and it’s free!

Get a Streaming Device

I bought Roku.  Installation was quick and easy.  I love how fast it is!   I researched several other options and everyone rates Roku as one of the best.  I also heard Chromecast is pretty good.

How to quit cable for online streaming


With Comcast XFINITY, I was able to watch HBO online for free.  But I wanted to watch HBO on my TV.  So I installed HBO GO on Roku.  To watch HBO on Roku, you first need to authenticate HBO online with a Roku code.

I tried over and over to authenticate with no luck.  I kept getting redirected to the Comcast XFINITY website instead of where I needed to enter the Roku code.

I finally decided to contact Comcast to see what was going on.  It turns out that I needed to have Cable TV with a set-top box to be able to stream HBO on Roku.  Bummer…I did not want to pay any more for yet another additional cost from Comcast.  But after speaking with a Comcast representative, I was able to get Basic Cable TV with one set-top box without the reoccurring rental fee.  And for a lower monthly fee than what I was currently paying!  

Authentication problem solved!  I finally was able to authenticate HBO GO by having Basic Cable with Comcast.  Can’t miss Game of Thrones after all!

TV on demand

Having Roku is a different experience and does take a little getting used to.  But since I don’t watch a lot of TV, it works in my case.  One of the downsides of not having a cable or satellite TV service is not having a live TV guide and being able to enter through a channel that you want to watch.  So this may not be for everyone.

Next, is deciding on which online subscription to get…

Amazon Prime Instant Video vs Netflix vs Hulu Plus

This really is “TV on demand”


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